Nips, Lips, Hips, ‘N Fingertips

Okay, probably the best/worst childhood horror story I have of late is this little nugget:

I was in our “Jack & Jill” bathroom (a bathroom with two doors to be shared by the occupants of two or more bedrooms), and I was getting ready to get into the shower, so I was bottomless but not yet topless, when I heard a shriek from the bedroom where my two sons were supposed to be playing nicely with their LEGOS. So I hurry across the hall to their room, expecting to see blood, only to find that DS2 has unplugged the stereo and deprived DS1 of his new addiction, listening to KLOV (local Christian radio station). Quickly and quietly, I remedied the situation by plugging the stereo back in. This involved bending over, and I did not have on any underwear, but I am their mom and they are my kids and they are still too young to think anything weird about nudity so I thought nothing of it. Back in the bathroom, with the monitor on, I hear DS1 say to DS2, “Did you see that disgusting thing hanging out of her butt?! Wasn’t that embarrassing?!” I explained to DS1 later that I wear tampons when my period is heavy, apologized to him for going into his room without any undies on, and promised him that it would never. happen. again.

Yet another reason to go back to the Instead “things” or break down and buy a Diva Cup!

Or as DH says, yet another reason to go topless instead of bottomless!


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