Nips, Lips, Hips, ‘N Fingertips

On February 2, in honor of Imbolc (or Oimelc, whichever you prefer), I posted a photo of a breast (gasp!) and a baby getting ready to use the breast on my 360 degree (where is that degree symbol on my keyboard, lol) blog at YAHOO!. YAHOO! promptly removed it and sent me a message afer the fact saying that it did not fit into their “approved” content. (Apparently, according to YAHOO! a woman’s breast, even in the context of breastfeeding, is obscene.) I felt like I had been pickpocketed. The photo had been sent to me by a sister La Leche League Leader from St. Louis in an email titled “The Original Happy Meal”. I loved it! I will post it here now for your enjoyment. It is a beautiful, full breast, about to be used by a baby for (imagine this) BREAST FEEDING. Like I said, YAHOO! sucks. So I am here now, thanks to alazyknitter I know from the ICAN list. And I’m glad to be in a much better blogspace than the yahoos at YAHOO! have to offer.

Okay, just tried to upload the photo here. I got this message: “File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.” WTF?! Must email wordpress robot. Maybe it’s too big. And then again, maybe I am squirting milk into the wind. I will try to upload one of my personal pix. No nipple but still.


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