Nips, Lips, Hips, ‘N Fingertips

Just so you know, this is my first attempt at blogging somewhere besides Yahoo! 360, where I had visual content lifted without my knowledge (I felt sooo violated!!). I had posted an image of a breast with a baby’s open mouth, titled The Original Happy Meal, and it was removed from my blog without any permission or warning. Hence, my WordPress username: yahoosucks. I still blog on my 360 page, for family, and it is all nicey-nice with photos of my boys butt nekkid with pants around their ankles getting drinks from the bathroom sink and the lyrics to Let Them Be Little and other pablum for the family like that. The ironic evolvement of this site is that I don’t use any visuals.

But here, this is where I think I will be able to develop my real spirit, my true voice- as disenchanted and sarcastic as I need to be. And maybe someday, after writing down the bones, I will be compose a piece written without the vitriole that is currently the bane of my existence, and the wall that stands between myself and potential friends IRL.

That’s the hope anyway.

 One more thing…I may need to change my subtitle. While caffeinated rants are the best, my two hooligans leave me little time for waxing philosophical by day, so I may begin blogging more after they are tucked into bed and my husband is snoring away. The point is: then they won’t be caffeinated rants but rather microbrewed meanderings. Hopefully I won’t lose my faithful audience of one in this transition. ;>)

I’d tell more people who admire my writing about this blog, but then they’d read it, and then I wouldn’t be able to “process” how much I loathe their poorly-chosen words and/or thoughtless behavior.

So there you go. About done.


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